Acquiring a Cello

These are the only London shops I have experience with but you may find others doing a Google search. Feel free to speak to me about any questions you have!

Stringers Music Hire Scheme Marylebone, hire for up to 3/4 size cellos (sometimes 4/4 available)

Guivier's Student Hire Fitzrovia, for purchase and repairs (does adult beginner rentals)

Bridgewood & Neizert Stoke Newington, for hire, purchase and repairs

John Proctor Luthier Nunhead, for purchase, setup and repairs

Soundpost, for purchase, strings, and accessories

Musicalchairs, listings for pre-owned instruments


Cello Kit

It might sound trivial but I think it makes all the difference if your cello kit is exciting and makes you comfortable! So here is a list of things I recommend for happy playing...


A6 size, to write notes in the lesson as well as personal notes following each lesson


You must have a comfortable chair because cello posture is very important. Have a chair that is good for your height, with no arms, that doesn't move around while you're playing. 

Endpin Stop

I recommend a single-leg wooden stop like the Artino Endpin Sound Anchor (or this or this) because it is the most comfortable to use. 'Black Holes' or stops that require fastening to both legs and finding a specific hole can be cumbersome to use.

Music Stand

Lightweight is a consideration but sometimes this is at the expense of a sturdy build. I have a K├Ânig & Meyer stand that has served me well which comes in a range of colours and fair price. 


Artcraft Dark is a good rosin for beginners and inexpensive. Sticky without making too much dust. Better quality rosins would be Salchow and Andrea rosins if you don't mind the price. 


A pencil with one of these Faber Castell rubbers fitted would be perfect. I like these magnetic pencil holders (or this), but it's absolutely not necessary!


A soft dust cloth will be needed to give the cello a wipe after playing. 

Bow Aid

I use Viotech foam covers that go over the thumbpiece to protect my bow and aid comfort. This rubber "Hold Fish" aid can be handy for your pinky finger while developing a natural bow hand (I myself have never used this but find it interesting)

Practice Mute

I use the Ultra Mute when I need to play in hotels or quietly at night - compared to metal mutes that can fall off from vibration, it's a safe and effective mute. GEWA makes one that's metal and rubber clad and is even quieter.


I like Korg Digital metronomes and have this one but you will find that most helpful is one that you can hear (or see) while playing. Please ask me about this.

Sheet Music

IMSLP Petrucci Music Library - free, downloadable, scores (out of copyright/public domain)

Chimes Music - Online, Barbican, Marylebone, Kensington

South London Music, East Dulwich

Alan Gregory Music

Of course, has many items as well

Coffee Shop

Around the corner from my flat is the lovely CROL & CO - serves magnificent coffees, cakes, sandwiches, brunch, and evening cocktails!