Teaching Approach

My objective is to help students develop an approach to cello playing that prioritises comfort and balance so that students can have a beautiful sound through tension-free playing and the means for making a lifetime of beautiful music with the cello.

I prioritise the ability to play with ease and comfort in my own playing so it is one of, if not the most important thing I strive to give my students. Hence, the foundation is built on a strong awareness of the body and its movements. I teach technique in comparison to real world activities and sensations, and encourage students to listen to themselves to learn how to draw out the best of their instrument and imagination. Quality (and patience!) are aims, while not losing sight of having fun playing, experimenting and discovering new ideas and ways of thinking. I am a sensitive teacher and keep communication flowing in working together with you/your child.

I teach beginners to advanced, children and adults. The consultation lesson will be spent assessing a student's level and their needs, making a plan accordingly. I have a wide knowledge of repertoire and methods and will make appropriate suggestions or take your lead if there's something in particular you want to play. Some of the repertoire I use for beginners include the ABRSM Syllabus, Vamoosh!, Suzuki Method, Sassmanshaus Tradition, Sevcik, Popper, and much much more.

The lessons take place at my home as I like to have my cello at hand to play together and demonstrate easily. In my experience, lessons are more effective when students learn at the teacher’s space as opposed to having home visits. Hence for several reasons, including extra time, I prefer not to travel but can do within the area for an extra fee.

1 to 1 Lessons

1 to 1 lessons are an essential part of learning the cello.  The continuity of having regular lessons is vital while setting foundation, for learning how to practice, have continuing improvement, motivation, and developing a rapport between teacher and student. I appreciate students who are wanting to work in a committed way and the commitment is mutual. 

Those who wish to have less than two lessons a month may take lessons on a casual basis at shorter notice, subject to availability. For more information on scheduling lessons please speak with me and note my terms.

Group Workshops

My programme consists of a one-to-one and group workshop, the latter created based on my experiences studying in masterclass settings and love of playing in ensemble. I have a wealth of ideas and lesson plans from my experience teaching musicianship in primary school during the early years of my teaching. For group playing, I create my own cello ensemble arrangements in addition to incorporating published arrangements. The workshops focus on cello ensemble playing, aural training and music theory and are organised once per term, subject to having enough participants who state an interest.